I’m super grateful that my family was able to come to Panama to visit me last weekend. One of my younger brothers, Harrison, visited Costa Rica for a week with the high school Spanish club, but my other little brother, Wyatt, and my parents had never been to Central America before so it was neat to be able to show them around. They got a good taste of Panama – a day in the city to do a boat tour of the locks and check out the old section of the city; two days in a teeny, rural beach town to take surfing lessons and hang out by the ocean; and a day in Gamboa to walk up Pipeline road into the jungle, meet my lab group, and see where I’ve been hangin’ out! It was a nice mix of experiences, and I also got to see some things that I would not have had a chance to otherwise.

For example, we took a boat tour of the canal and got to go through two of the locks. The Panama Canal is an incredible feat of engineering and it was interesting to learn more about it and see it from a different perspective.

Other highlights of the trip included…

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Hitting the waves!

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The neat air bnb that we stayed at in San Carlos, a teeny beach town about an hour from Panama City. To get there, we went to the bus terminal at the Albrook Mall and went up to the window with a sign for San Carlos. After buying the tickets ($3.25 each, public transportation is really cheap here!), we hopped on the little bus and it took off down the Pan-American highway. Buses here are always an adventure because they each have a guy working at the door who collects money and keeps an eye out for potential passengers at the stops along the highway. Actually, they don’t necessarily even need to be at a stop, frequently people will flag the bus down from the side of the road as well! I also love having a chance to look out the window and see some of the country…

Finally, it was great to get a chance to show my family where I’ve been living for the past few months and have them meet my colleagues!

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Here we are on a hike… I’m so glad they were able to visit!

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