BEWARE: post loaded with NEU pride

You’ll never guess who came to Panama this past weekend… None other than our dear President Aoun! He visited Panama City for the weekend to speak to the Northeastern Panama Community. A group of young global leaders, recent graduates who are active in the community, was established in Panama several years ago, and President Aoun spoke about his vision to expand this network and Northeastern’s presence in Latin America over brunch at a snazzy hotel.

I registered to attend the event with my friend Sophia, the only other Northeastern student currently on co-op in Panama. She is also working for STRI in their Panama City location, researching snails! Once we had registered, someone from the office of alumni relations contacted us to see if we would be interested in saying a few words about our experience in Panama at the event and going out to dinner with him and one of his colleagues the night before.

It was such a crazy experience – I still can’t believe President Aoun was in Panama! But here is the photographic evidence to prove it…IMG_1409

Sophia and I with President Aoun!

We also got to meet President Aoun’s wife (she’s adorable!), and during dinner the night before we learned about the extensive network of Northeastern alumni around the world. Sophia and I had no idea that there is a whole team of people at Northeastern working to cultivate this global network or that there are so many people around the world who still love Northeastern and would be happy to help current students. This is a great thing to be aware of, and something I will definitely keep in mind in the future since I’m considering self developing my third co-op!

Another cool thing about this event was the opportunity that we wouldn’t otherwise have had to chat with Northeastern alumni who are now living in Panama and some families of current students. I actually bumped into the parents of someone I know at Northeastern! It turns out that his younger brother volunteers every other Saturday in Gamboa at STRI?!?!? Such a funny coincidence, I couldn’t believe it! He is still in high school but considering a career in something environmental, so I am going to meet him soon to chat about different opportunities in this kind of field.

As the title of the post suggested, I’m a die hard Northeastern fan so I really enjoyed meeting a community of people from very different backgrounds who were all brought together by their love for this school. And I’m so glad that because of Northeastern I had this opportunity to come to Panama in the first place. Yay Huskies!


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